I'm talkiing about the beautiful view and delicious food, excellent technology etc. of Japan in this homepage.

Photo and Write Yoshikazu Hiromitsu

Nikko :
The red leaves of Nikko are very beautiful. In fall many tourists come to Nikko.

The waterfall FUKURODA:
As for this waterfall, there is a characteristic very much. Water is streaming the stairs of many rocks. And it freezes, when it becomes winter.

There are many mountains in Japan. It may be Mt. Fuji that it is most famous. However, the beautiful mountain is not only Mt. Fuji.
The famous poet of Japan,Kotaro Takamura who wrote the poem about this mountain.

Ginga Ryusei-no-taki:
This waterfall is in Hokkaido.
Ginga, It is the meaning called the Milky Way .
Ryusei,It is the meaning called a shooting star. This waterfall resembles in the Milky Way and shooting star. Therefore, this waterfall was named like that.

Mt Iou:
There are many active volcanos in Japan. Even this mountain is one of them. Always vapor is out. It is possible that the tourist goes near vapor.

The Waterfall OSHINKOSHIN:
This is the waterfall where the aborigines, Ainu of Hokkaido named. Although this waterfall is not a so big waterfall it is very beautiful. We are able to visit it easily. It is because the waterfall is as with a road.


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